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MB Farms

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More good pictures
Mark & his boys
Spooky & Prime
The two horses that started it all.

Here is Spooky & Prime.  These are the first Fox Trotters we rode & they are the horses we were married on.  They have several hundred miles on each of them & now enjoy retirement.

Licorice & Spur

This is my first bottle calf, Licorice & his "other mom" Spur.  Licorice was a twin so at 2 days old he moved up to the house yard.  He never really realized he was a bovine until he was about 6 moths old & went back to the herd.

Happy Kids

Sly, Spur & Ahna.  Happy kids.  October 2002

Sly & his kittens

We raised AKC Rottweilers for over 10 years.  This was the "Big Dog" Sly.  Who says Rotts are man killers???