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Mystic Moon

Mystic Moon  Reg# 90-35727.  We purchased Moon as a 3 year old after he had started his career in the show ring.  He is one of the last standing stallions out World Grand Champion Missouri Blue Moon J.  He hasn't entered a show ring since he came to us, he actually never leaves the farm but that is the way he likes it.  He is happy to have a room mate most of the time & occasionally has lived with his colts while they were being weaned.  He has an excellent temperment & loves to be handled by anyone.  Crossed with your mare or one of ours he will give you a colt with a great attitude, size & natural smooth gait.

Moon 1994

Moon was an eye catcher as a young 4 year old stallion.  He was as nice to ride as he was to look at.

Moon 2001

Here he's 11 years old & starting to show his easy life style.  His best friend & pasture mate at this time was a bull calf named Junior.

Winter in MN 2000
Moon 2006
Moon 06

Here he is at 16 years young.  He hadn't been under saddle for 10 years when we took these pictures.  I just pulled him out of the pasture & rode him down the driveway.
This is his wonderful temperment that has owners of Moon babies bragging about him 1000 miles away.  

Having supper with my son Suede.

This was one year when he lived with his colts both before they were weaned & after.  The weaning process went so much better when the moms left but he was still there to play with!

Moon's Papers